Lucile Mendenhall

Hester Nettles Mendenhall and her daughter Lucile

Hester Elizabeth “Hettie” Nettles was my great-great grandmother.  She was married to James Kirk Mendenhall.  James was the pastor of many churches, including the First Baptist Church in Columbia, South Carolina, from 1873-1874.  James had attended Brown and Princeton Theological Seminary with James Petigru Boyce, founder of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.  They named one of their sons Boyce Rutledge Mendenhall.

Their daughter, Lucile Adele Mendenhall Lawton, was my great-grandmother.  When she married my great-grandfather, Herbert Lee Lawton, she passed the name Boyce down to her son, Boyce Mendenhall Lawton, Sr. (my grandfather).  That name made its way down to me, Boyce Mendenhall Lawton, III.