Let me hear about your holiday journey…

What have you found over the holidays?  I’m curious what you have learned.

I’m including one of my favorited finds below.  It is a telegram from my great-grandparents to their future daughter-in-law on the day of her marriage.  I only realized tonight that the telegram was sent from Spartanburg.  When I moved here in 1997, I didn’t think that I had any relatives (current or past) in town.  I’ve since learned that my great-grandparents, Herbert Lee Lawton and Lucile Mendenhall Lawton, lived here in the 1920’s on Clifton Avenue in Converse Heights.  While they were here, some of my great uncles attended the fitting school at Wofford and then Wofford College itself.

Learning that I have “roots” in Spartanburg has been amazingly reassuring to me.  I have found family in my “new” hometown, and resources that I never thought could help me in my family history journey are only a few miles from my home.  I often use the county library, office of records and deeds, and probate court to help me learn more about my kin.

Please post a few comments – or write a post from scratch where you include a sampling of what you have uncovered since we met in November.  Share a few photos – or even a video – to give me a feel for where you are in your journey.  If you write a post “from scratch” – please use a category of “Personal Research”.

I can’t wait to see you on Thursday morning at 9am.

Telegram to Frances Virginia Brown before marriage