Week one, day one

We talked about the following in class today:

  • In-depth introductions (help us get to know you, your interests, your strengths/weaknesses, what you think you can offer to our class, what you hope to learn)
  • Course goals
Family History Course Objectives

Family History Course Objectives

  • Syllabus review
  • Brief talk about course texts
  • “Housekeeping” tasks:
    • Active ancestry.com account, shared with username “lawtonbm”
    • Active 23andme.com account, shared with email “lawtonbm@gmail.com”
    • Accept invitation to become a user on project polleverywhere.com account
    • Register as user of findagrave.com account
    • Accept invitation to be an author on lawtonbm.wordpress.com
  • Basics of ancestry.com use
  • Alex and Catherine agreed to lead the discussion on Friday morning (Who do you think you are? Chapters 1-3)
  • Visit to Magnolia Cemetery, search for graves without a photo on findagrave.com

Homework for Friday:
-Read chapters 1-3 of Who do you think you are!
-Work on your family tree on ancestry,com
-Start to blog on our site. You don’t need to post anything before Monday if you don’t want to do so.

We will meet Friday morning at the Spartanburg County Library at 8:50 am.