Week one, day two

Today, we visited the Kennedy Room at the Spartanburg County Public Library.  Ms. Debra Hutchins, Local History Librarian, showed us numerous resources including:

  • Death records
  • Funeral home records
  • Cemetery indices
  • Newspapers available on microfilm
  • Maps
  • Pamphlet collections
  • Church records

Ms. Hutchins found the South Carolina death record for T.A. Williams.  There are many clues in the genealogy room for T.A. and Sara.  As of this Monday morning, the person (or group) with the best blog entry with details about our mystery couple will win a prize.  If any of you are actually reading this, send a note to our twitter account or make a reference to our account!  I would love to see photos of death records, graveyards that you searched, funeral home notices, obituaries, or any other information you find.  Blogging about problems you encountered in your search for the Williams is just as helpful.

When we returned to class, we discussed our library visit and then talked about Chapters 1-3 in Who do you think you are?

Homework for Monday:

  • Each of you MUST post a blog entry.  Use the opportunity to make yourself shine.
  • Read chapters 4-6 of Who do you think you are? Discussion moderators should send me questions by 7am on Monday morning.
  • Work on your ancestry.com tree and share your tree with username lawtonbm if you have not done so.
  • Start working on the Williams mystery.  This is not an “optional” task.  This is a joint research project for the entire class.