A long, but intriguing road

Hello all! This is Audrey Coventry. I’ve always been fascinated with my family history, more so than many other members of my family. I find tracing the name Coventry back and discovering where, geographically, my ancestors lived to be particularly interesting. However, I hadn’t taken the time to really research my family’s roots on my own, so I’m very excited that this class will give me the opportunity to do so. My mom and dad are from France and New Zealand, respectively, and it’s hard to determine how big of a problem this will be when doing research, but I’m very excited nonetheless.

I decided to start the process using ancestry.com and putting in all the names I have down on record. I’ll add in any stories or personal notes I find once I finish this structure. This has proved to be a very tedious process; we have a family tree on paper that follows the descendants of the Earl of Coventry in England dating back to the 1400s, and as you can see on the picture, there are a whole lot of names to type up. We have also kept track of our family on my paternal grandmother’s side, just not quite to the extent. As great as ancestry.com is, I’m already experiencing a problem – because most of my paternal ancestors came from England, Ireland, and Scotland, I do not have an easy way of verifying the many hints that pop up for all the “Anne”s, “Frederick”s, and other fairly common names in my family. I’m hoping I’ll develop a method for filtering out the inaccurate hints and making my tree a bit more reliable.

I’m anticipating much difficulty on my mother’s side. My French ancestors were mainly peasants, and there was not the same meticulous mindset when keeping family records. My biggest resources will be my grandparents’ memories, their notes, and whatever records their family’s churches have kept if they find them. I’m also very curious to see what other racial influences there are in my family, because we believe there might be some African or Middle Eastern influence because of past wars and migration, but don’t have a way of knowing for sure yet. I’m not scared of any unknowns in my family, so I’m very excited to continue this process and discover things I’ll be able to share with the rest of my family for generations!Image