Bentley Family uncoverings

My name is Anna Micheal Bentley (yes my middle name is spelled right i get a lot of questions about that). I have always wanted to know more about my family history. My grandmother’s and my mom have told me that my ancestor that came to America from Germany was Truman Webber who had seven children two of those were twins, Casper and Jasper, one twin was my fathers the other twin was my mothers ancestor. One twin went to North Carolina the other went to South Carolina. I thinks it is really interesting that my family has been in the carolinas since they came to America. I was also told from my nana that back in the 1600′s there is record of one of my family members being beheaded for some reason which i am not totally sure of. But I am really looking forward to tracing back my family. I have found that my great grandfather was a twin and was 1 of 15 children. DANG! That is a lot of children. But that is my family and i am proud to be a member of it!