Caught a Snag

Zack, Lena and I have been at the library conducting more research on T. A. and S.B. We found T. A.’s obituary which I have attached and learned that he remarried a woman named Alice after Sarah died. Sarah’s parents are buried in the Episcopal Church of the Advent cemetery in Spartanburg and she was born in Charleston, SC. When Thomas died, he had lived in Spartanburg for 40 years. He also owned a store called “Cheap John’s” and was frequently refereed to by this name. Sarah’s Obit was found on under her name. We have had no luck finding any information on Thomas’s parents.

Mrs. A.O. Thomas who signed Thomas A. death certificate is his daughter, Sylvia  She was married to Dr. Arthur O. Thomas. They are both in Oak wood Cemetery (according to the index).

However, we are all at a loss about where to go from here…


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  1. Boyce M. Lawton, III

    This is great! Will and I have been to the Thomas graves and have photos. Might the Williams been buried next to their daughter??? We have also been to the grave of T.A. Williams’ second wife. Maybe he is buried next to her? I did NOT know that Sarah’s parents were buried at my church. I would be curious about what information is there.

    1. Catherine Eason Post author

      Umm yes. But now that you have asked I don’t remember where. I have it saved on I will look and let you know in class tomorrow! I could be mis remembering and haven’t found it. I’m having a whole lot of dj vu working with these people. Haha

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