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Cemetery Explorations

Hey Everybody! This is Erin. So, I saw that a lot of people have been doing online/library research. I thought I’d follow up on that with some trips to graveyards and cemeteries. My roommate and I adventured all over Spartanburg looking for some pertinent graves. Here’s what I’ve found.

First, I found Annie Hartsten Williams and Johnie Brookfield Williams in Magnolia Cemetery.

photo (10) photo (9)

I think it’s interesting that they’re in a fairly large family plot, but they’re the only two people there. Is it possible that the rest of their family was supposed to be buried there and wasn’t? Or is Sarah and/or Thomas unmarked? As you can see, they are the only two Williams listed in Magnolia, even though findagrave.com says they are supposed to be in Magnolia and Sarah’s obit lists her as being buried in Magnolia. Johnie’s grave marker says he is the son of T.A. and S.B. Williams. It lists his birth and death dates and a Bible verse. Annie’s grave markers says the same thing, but instead of a Bible verse, it is some kind of poem. I couldn’t quite read it, but the gist of it is about her death leaves something missing that can’t ever be replaced, a hole that can’t be filled.

I then went to Church of the Advent, in downtown Spartanburg. Here, I found Sarah’s parents, C.B. Roberts and Ellen Grove Roberts. You can’t see it in the photo or even on the gravestone, but Ellen was born March 1, 1829. I did a rubbing of the grave and I’m pretty sure that’s what it says. I”ll bring it in tomorrow. They are the only Roberts in the cemetery. However, some interesting things to note: Charles’ side of the shared marker looks pretty new, so it was recently replaced. In addition, it is right next to a fairly new addition of the church. Could their grave marker have been moved during the construction? Were there other Roberts in the cemetery? Some interesting followups could be, who replaced it? Were any graves disturbed during construction? In addition, it looks like Charles served in the Civil War. There may be some military records that could be of use.

photo (5) photo (4)

photo (7) photo (6)

Finally, I went to Oakwood Cemetery to look for the Dr. A.O. Thomas and his wife, Sylvia. They are the ones listed on the obits posted on the blog earlier. Oakwood is amazing, but so huge! After searching for a while, we finally found the grave marker. Unfortunately, it is by itself, so it’s not part of a family plot or anything. Thomas was nowhere to be found.

photo (3)photo

photo (2)photo (1)

I’m not sure what the Woodmen of the World club is, but it might be an organization that would have some records we could look into.

After reading some of the other blog posts this weekend, I think the key to where Thomas is buried is his second wife. If he remarried and had more children, it is possible he is buried with them, which would explain why Thomas and Sarah’s obits have them listed in different cemeteries. I think we need to find out more about Thomas’ parents and his second wife.

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