Discovering My Family

Hey guys! I am Emily Kelleher and I’m one of twenty-five grandchildren on my father’s side so to say that family means something to me is an understatement. Because I do have such a large immediate family already, I have always been so interested in my family history. I know that my paternal family increases tenfold by just going back a generation or two. The hardest thing that I have had to deal with is entering in all my relatives; it drives me insane! But the one thing I am so fascinated by is the sheer number of siblings many of my relatives had. Needless to say the identifier of Irish Catholics having notoriously big families is true. My paternal uncle has already traced my family back to the late 1700s, which is so great, but I don’t know a lot of stories about them. From their places of birth, I can see that they come from France, Ireland, England, and Germany and yet they all chose to immigrate to Philadelphia.

On the flip side of things, on my mother’s side I have barely any previous information for them. I know that my grandfather’s side comes from Denmark and Germany mainly, while my grandmother’s side is purely Italian. I am really interested to see about my grandmother’s side because I am fourth generation Italian and I could have close relations with some people living in Italy. I think it would be so interesting to know the little town I came from in Italy or what jobs they had or what people think of my family because I love imagining what their life is like. I think that’s why I am so interested in this topic in general. I love wondering and piecing together people’s lives, especially my loved ones. I’m excited to discover more pictures (like the one below), more memories and more stories that help show the life my family led.