Family Differences

My name is Garrett Harris and at this moment, is my best friend. The small minutes I used to take out of my time to check Facebook and Twitter now go to . I’ve learned a small bit about my family on both sides but not much.

What’s interesting is the social status difference between my maternal grandparents. My grandmother, Shellie Garrett, was born and raised in Laurens, SC not too far from Spartanburg. Where her parents worked on houses, cleaned houses and worked in the church. They had one running car ( which was a big deal for African-Americans during the 30s) . My grandfather , Willie Rogers, was born and raised in Olanta,SC which is a predominately black small town in Florence, SC. His parents owned a farm, and the income for the household came from the farm animals. Olanta only has about 130 families residing in the town. The average income for each household was around $11,000 for males and $9,000 for females. They were one of the many families under the poverty line. But this is only a glimpse of the Rogers household.

Another tidbit, my grandmothers uncle – Otto Garrett- was shot and killed by the KKK mistakenly thinking he was my great-grandfather- Shellie Garrett.

The person in my family that holds the family photos, certificates, and information is my cousin Brenda. She holds the Golden Key that unlocks the family secrets. Between now and the end of this interim, my goal is to hold the Golden Key in my own hands for the family secrets and the mystery of T.A. and Sara Williams.

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