Family Ties

My name is Alex Michaels and family history has something that I’ve always been interested in but haven’t had time or resources to research. After flying home to New York for christmas, I then drove back to Georgia to spend a couple days with my paternal grandparents. I took advantage of this time to gather as much information as possible. As I suspected my paternal side wouldn’t be as much of a challenge as my maternal side; which has been proven to be true.

One of challenges I’ve have had has been researching my maternal line especially my  Great-grandmother. Although still alive, my 98 year old great grandmother has not been as much help as i have hoped. She has trouble or selective  remember of her years in germany. Im not exactly sure where she was born, but was held as a young girl in a german concentration camp during world war II. Although she has trouble recalling most of these horrific memories (maybe for the better ) i hope that there are some records that help me connect the missing pieces.

As mentioned before my paternal side has been slightly easier to access. Both of my grandparents have kept some documentation like marriage certificates, passports  etc. That have aided in my search for extended relatives. Also, has put me in contact with a distinct cousin that had pictures of great grandparents that link back to their heritage’s in ireland and Italy!  As each new picture and document that I’ve uncovered is more interesting then the previous, a 75 year old original boy scout book from my paternal great grandfather has been possibly the coolest thing I’ve uncovered. Something like that helps you understand a persons life from start to finish and inspires me to keep looking for more.

Ive have found that researching family  is like a never ending puzzle. Each piece leads to new information to new people from distant lands and makes for quite the story. Although this search is only 3 weeks old I’ve already uncovered 100+ people some of which with stories I’ve just began to research. I look forward to finding out more and creating a profile for each relativ

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