Growing the Tree

Over the Holidays, my parents gave me some good information to start growing my family tree. This weekend I was able to add some new names and make some new discoveries.

Both sides of my family have spent most of their time in South Carolina, so that has helped me narrow down my search. On my dad’s side, I have been able to get back to one of my ancestors who came from Ireland. I am having trouble finding information on some of the wifes, because of their name change, as well as lack of information.  My dad gave me a cd with a lot of information, so I am also having trouble simplifying and organizing it all. On the other side, my mom, gave a scroll that also goes back to my family from Europe. Also with this information was a letter from my grandfather that clears up a lot. An interesting fact from this letter is that one of my ancestors was one of the signers of the Magna Charta in England in 1215. Next, my goal is to keep filling out the tree, as well as adding more details and information to the relatives I already have.Image

-Rob Galloway