I’m Stumped

Going through my family history has been a very difficult journey because a lot of the information I need isn’t easy to obtain. As many of you know all of my ancestors are from India and in India birth, marriage and death certificates aren’t as easy to find as they are here in America. And on top of that they are in a different language Hindi or Gujarati. However, my parents can read both Hindi and Gujarati so they have been a lot of help. For me uncovering my dad’s side of the family has been much easier because both my grandparents are alive and my grandpa has kept record of everything. On the other hand, figuring out my maternal grandfather’s family is hard. First because it is very emotionally for me. My mom’s dad passed away December 30, 2012 and trying to find information out about his parents and grandparents has been very emotional for me, my mom and my uncle, but we are getting through it.

Another stump I have hit is that unlike in America and the majority of the world many people in India are cremated; therefore, there aren’t any graves to visit. Obituaries are also rarely written. However, even without graves to visit or obituaries to read I still believe I will find very valuable information through my relatives.

During this process I have learned that no matter how hard you try sometimes you just aren’t going to be able to find answers right away, but that doesn’t mean to give up right away. I have learned that I can not only rely on the internet and websites such as ancestry.com I have to reach out to family members and ask them for help when needed to get the information I need. I know that this is going to be a very fun and eventful experience.

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