Indians and Yankees

I am Maegan Higgins, and I am addicted to But seriously, I think all this family research has become an new obsession. I have always heard stories about my paternal great great grandmother being Cherokee and my how redneck the Carden family (my mother’s family) was, but now that I am actually finding documents to prove it, things are even more fascinating.

I remember during the meeting we had before Christmas break Dr. Lawton said usually one person in the family inherits all the family records. I have found that on my mother’s side, that person is my Uncle Bubba (Robert). He was able to give me the birthdays of everyone in the Carden family all the way back to great grandparents. He is also in the process of collecting pictures of everyone for me! On my father’s side, my great aunt Susan has been stuck with the huge pile of documents. These documents are especially cool because a lot of them are the family’s Cherokee papers! I think pretty much everyone in the family has applied and obtained their Cherokee cards, and mine is currently in the process of being reviewed. Aunt Susan is also going to scan and email as many of the papers to me as she can, hopefully within the week.

I haven’t really come into a whole lot of surprises other than my maternal grandmother’s family actually comes from a little farther north than I expected. Illinois and Wisconsin were popular amongst my ancestors, great great grandpa John even resided in NY for a while. I had always assumed that the family had been settled in Alabama and Georgia for a few generations.

Concerns are starting to arise as I keep tracking farther and farther back in my tree. My main worries are collecting enough documents to actually prove that Nettie Griggs is the Nettie that is Lillie Mae Grigg’s mother and so on. I am also starting to feel that the farther I go back the less connection I feel with these people, the more they become just another name, just another lead. I’m hoping that I will be able to find more than just BMD records, and come across newspaper articles and more military draft cards to give me a sense of who my ancestors actually were and how that helps define who I am.

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