Researching the Camacho surname

Hello fellow bloggers,

I have always enjoyed hearing relatives tell stories of “the old days”, back when the people I love most were my age or even younger, but recently I’ve realized that those stories themselves are precious and fleeting. My father’s father passed away over four years ago, and my mother’s father is on the verge of losing his memory. Of course, each of my grandmothers has accumulated a vast knowledge of her spouse’s life and family history, but one day their memories will fade as well. This fact dawning upon my mind makes me extremely grateful that my family history is preserved in part and is accessible to me here and now. But at the same time, I wonder about the things that even my wonderful relatives don’t remember or perhaps, never knew.
For instance, my father’s mother, Barbara Camacho, knows much about her husband’s life and family history and some about her own family history, but most of the Camacho surname is shrouded by distance from older Camacho relatives and a lack of personal records. You see, my grandfather, Salvador Camacho, was born on the Pacific island of Guam in 1932, a decade before the Japanese occupation during WWII. I know very little about his life personally and already I’ve been able to connect through with people living on Guam with their own extensive family trees! It’s exciting simply to access information outside the reach of memory and learn more about my family’s past.