Separated at Death?

I have spent some time researching the mystery couple, T.A. and S.B Williams, from the comfort of my dorm room and have found several concerns pretty quickly. Starting with the info Dr. Lawton gave us in his original post I searched FindAGrave and found that both Thomas and Sarah are reported as buried in Magnolia along with their two children, Johnie Brookfield and Annie Hartstene, who both died extremely young, age 2 and 1 respectively. It is also recorded that Sarah’s maiden name is Roberts!  Thomas’ grave number is 45341000 and Sarah’s is 45340980, which might be useful later.

I took to Ancestry to do some more research and found both Thomas and Sarah’s Death Records, which are attached. I had some trouble reading the handwriting so maybe someone can look and understand more than me. Thomas (Certificate #:013018) was born in North Carolina and died of apoplexy. The informant on Thomas’s certificate is an A.O. Thomas?, whom I don’t know the relationship to Thomas. Sarah was born in S.C., her father (BINGO!) C.B. Roberts was also born in S.C. and her mother Ellen Graives? was born in Georgia. The informant on Sarah’s death certificate was Thomas so lets hope he knew his wife’s family at least that well. Sarah’s COD was Pulmonary Tuberculosis. The big issue in their certificates are the Place of Burials. Our homeboy, Thomas,was reportedly buried in Oakwood (Dr. Lawton has informed us he has not been found here) and Sarah was buried in Magnolia (well all know she ain’t there either). So were they really separated at death or are the death certificates just distracting us from finding answers? What’s our next move?SouthCarolinaDeathRecords18211955_318385505SouthCarolinaDeathRecords18211955_318279495

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    1. Catherine Eason

      Wow! That’s a lot of information! I think the next step should be looking for who A.O. Thomas is! Which I am going to look for right now!

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