Shaping the Tree

Throughout the weekend I have collected information about both side of my family tree.  I have been making good progress but have now hit a wall.

My mom’s side is what I am most curious about.  I was born with a Mongolian birth mark on my lower back.  It is common for these to occur in people with darker pigment in their skin.  The pediatrician believes I am of Eastern European dissent, which was confirmed by the mitochondria DNA test done in genetics.  The test confirmed my mitochondria DNA to be from Eastern Europe or Northwest Siberia.

To try to find where this spot came from is tough.  My dad’s family is English and German so not much pigment there.  My mom’s side is supposed to be Pennsylvanian Dutch (From Germany and Switzerland).  I know it comes from my mom’s side because I have a cousin that shares the same mark and my mom gets tan very easily.  I then found that I have to trace her mom’s side back because my grandma knew her grandma to be tan and from Eastern European dissent.  My mom’s family has been living in York, PA for as long as we could find.  I have found one tombstone over the break that has helped me on this search.  My grandma knew where my great grandma was buried in York, PA.  With the help of her and my mom and dad we all went searching for the burial site.  We choose the one of the best northern days to go hunting, 20 degrees, 3 inches of snow and 25 mile per hour winds.  This creates blowing snow and snow drifts, which are great for hunting. Not! Even with the conditions we found the tombstone of Annie Loucks Myers (my great great grandmother) fairly easily.


The stone the tombstone is made of is very hard to read with a straight on photo so I also have a side view.

Annie Loucks Myers

We then tried to find the burial site of Annie Loucks mother.  My grandma was told she was buried in a cemetery outside Thomasville, PA.  We then went search for Mary Fishel at Trinity Roth Church in Thomasville, PA.  We had no luck in the blowing snow.  All we could find is a Saranda Fishel and George Fishel, who really didn’t fit the time line.  I then went to to see if I was looking for the correct woman. confirmed that I need to look for Mary Fishel because the 1920 census shows Mary Fishel living with Annie Loucks.  It also gives me here age so I can approximate her birthday.  Next I am going to use and York County records to see if I can find anything else!

(This is the picture of the 1920 census record)