T. A. Williams and S. B. Williams

While researching information on T.A. Williams and S.B. Williams I have not found much. I stumbled upon information on FindAGrave.com . Thomas A. Williams and Sarah B. Roberts Williams seem to both be buried in Magnolia Cemetery along with their two children whose lives ended before both of them. Johnie Brooksfield Williams life ended at the age of 2, and his sister, Annie Hartstene Williams, life ended at the age of 5.

But according to FamilySearch , T.A. Williams was born in North Carolina and his cause of death was apoplexy, which is close to a stroke. It also states he is buried in Oakwood Cemetery. Hmm, this is not Magnolia Cemetery. After discovering part of Thomas Williams information, I proceeded to search for Sarah B. Williams’ information. Her father, C. B. Roberts was born in South Carolina while her mother, Ellen Grains, was born in Georgia. Sarah’s date of death was May 9, 1917 but her burial date was May 10, 1917. The close dates of the burial and death is probably a good part of information to store in the back of our mind ! It looks like Sarah’s cause of death was tuberculosis, I can’t quite make out what the writing says. I have yet to find the causes of their children’s death, their death is interesting since they died at such a young age.

I’m sure with more thorough research, the mystery of T. A. Williams and his wife will be solved !