Tedious Typing

I have always loved learning about my family history and have been super excited about this class for months! My family gave me multiple books mapping out my family lines over Christmas break and I thought this would make my search super easy. There was all the information I needed right there in print! Yeah, well that is true except transferring that information onto my ancestry.com tree is probably THE MOST TEDIOUS task I have ever done.

Occasionally, I come across something that makes it worthwhile however. I recently found two stories I had never heard. My second great-grand uncle, John Andrew Dockery, died by drowning. He was moving a herd of horses along a road that was flooded by a river in North Carolina. His body was never found but his boot was and they buried his boot in his grave. I also learned that his father, my third great-grandfather, Andrew Jackson Dockery, had two children with a woman he was never married to, Elizabeth. However, Elizabeth was the first cousin of three sisters who married three other Dockery brothers. The most exciting fact from that story however is that Elizabeth was born in Spartanburg, SC! 🙂

I guess the occasional interesting fact makes all of this typing worthwhile… maybe. 😉


My great-grandfather’s appointment book for the year 1965. He was a dentist.