The Williams

Today Chase and I decided to take a trip back to Magnolia Cemetery to see if we could find the Williams’ graves. Surprisingly we actually found the graves we were looking for within minutes. The two graves of T.A. and Sarah Williams’ children are to the left as soon as you walk in the cemetery. We thought we would look there first because on the first day of class that was mainly the area that we hadn’t covered yet. So there we found the graves of Johnie Brookfield and Annie Hartstene, the son and daughter of T.A. and Sarah. On the grave it states that Annie Hartstene Williams was born June of 1892 and died Nov of 1897, so she was 5 when she died. The son, Johnie Brookfield Williams, was born July 11, 1881 and died June 17, 1883. We knew that these two were the son and daughter of Sarah and T.A. because it says directly on the grave “son of…” and “daughter of…” As other people have mentioned, Sarah and Thomas are supposed to be buried in Magnolia along with their two children. Thus, Chase and I tried to see if possibly they could be buried beside their children and their grave markers just not be there. There seemed to be enough space to the right for at least for one of them which you can see in the pictures attached.

Also, there is another stone found within the gates that Chase thought might be something else. I thought that it was just part of the gate, but it actually looks like something is etched in it and its not on the opposite side either. Who knows. I’m going to include that photo as well for everyone else to see.                -Kaitlin

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