My Families Immigration to America and Involvement in the Revolutionary War

My 6th great-grandfather, John Glenn, was born in Ireland sometime around 1927. He moved to Pennsylvania before settling in Virginia. He got married and started a family. In 1762 he was killed by native american while working for the government. My family then moved to North Carolina.

John Glenn’s son, James Glenn became involved in the war by accident. While his families home was being ransacked by British soldiers, one of soldiers pushed his mother, Mary Elizabeth Callahan, to the floor. James Glenn reacted by grabbing a chair and hitting the British soldier who pushed his mother with it. He and his two younger brothers then chased of the rest of the British soldiers off with fire pokers.

After the soldiers were gone, James went to get the soldier who he hit with the chair. He discovered that he was dead. His mother gave him the dead soldiers weapon and James Glenn left home to join the army. James would be off at war for the remainder of the war. After the war James moved his family to a plot of land in Lee County, Georgia. A plot of land he received in the land lottery for Revolutionary War veterans.