My Findings and Experiences: Murder, Special Events, and Possible Famous Relatives

One accomplishment I would say that I’ve made so far is that I’ve been able to overcome the dreaded “brick wall”–well partially. For one part of my family tree, I’ve been able to find my 4th great grandparents that were born in 1825, 1829, and 2 in 1835. I’ve also been lucky enough to find out the name of my 5th great grandfather who was born around 1790 For the rest of my ancestors, I’m stuck around the 1860s.

I also know of 2 bits of scandal in my family; both of which being murders. The first is of my great-grandmother Inez Mitchell who died in April 1972, exactly 2 years before my mom was born. Stories are told that she was well off and in good health. One day, however, while enjoying a night with others, she drank a glass of wine, and not to long after, she died. Many people, my grandma being one, thinks that she was poisoned, but there hasn’t been any proof of that. Another was of the murder of my uncle, Michael Smith (any one from Spartanburg may have heard about this case on the news). He was shot in the back of the head in a car, by people he knew and trusted. I was able to attend the funeral, but was too scared to see the body (I was 7).

In 2000, I was able to experience something that I don’t think many people get to experience. I was able to go to the funeral of my Great Great Grandmother Lizzie Mae Mitchell, who just happens to be the mother of my Great Grandmother Inez Mitchell.

Lastly, it has been speculated on my Dad’s Mom’s side of the family (the Jeter side) that we are somehow related to NY Yankees Baseball player Derek Jeter. This fact has yet to be proven though, and if we are somehow related, it would have to be a distant cousin type of thing.

Well that’s all for now, sincerely, Eli Mitchell.