Some more Williams graves

Hey everybody,

I visited another cemetery today; my roommate and I are dying to know where Thomas and Sarah are. We went to Cedar Springs Cemetery in Spartanburg to look for one of Thomas and Sarah’s sons, Geddy Hill Williams. There is a Williams family plot there, so I got some pics.

This is Geddy Hill Williams, who is, I’m pretty sure, Thomas and Sarah’s son:

photo (14)

I’m pretty sure this is Geddy’s wife, Sallie N Williams.

photo (15)

This is Geddy Hill and Sallie’s son, Geddy Ray Williams, Sr. (I’m thinking Jr. is probably still alive! Someone to contact?)

photo (16)

I think this is Geddy Ray Sr.’s wife, Sadie Jolley Williams.

photo (13)


Not sure who this one is, obvious related to Sadie Jolley Williams. Could it be her mother? We’re going to need to do more research to confirm all these relationships.


photo (12)


Here’s Ruby. Her stone is actually found outside the family plot. Not sure why, probably this could be investigated by contacting the Cedar Springs Baptist Church to find cemetery records.


photo (20)


Ruby’s gravestone is on the right, next to the tree. You can see that it’s outside the marked plot.


photo (18)

But here’s what was really exciting:

photo (21)


This is Frank A. Williams. His stone is hidden under that tree that Ruby’s grave is next to. The photo isn’t great because I had to crawl under the tree a little. At first, I got super excited because I thought it might be Thomas or Sarah, but unfortunately it wasn’t. Not sure who Frank is, but he was born Dec 13 1910, died Sept 22, 1960.

The other interesting thing is that there are 3 unoccupied/unmarked  areas of the Williams plot. Could someone be there? Or are there Williams still around that are planning to be buried there? More to look for…

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