Obituaries and Alice Metz’ Family

After class today, Eli and I (Sapana) went to the library to see if we could find where Alice was buried. While on the hunt, we came across the obituaries of both Thomas A. Williams and Alice Williams.

Using, we looked at census records (the 1930 census) to find Alice’s family. In that way, we were hoping to see if there was a family plot that Alice was buried in, and if there was a chance that T.A. Williams could’ve been buried there so that she could be laid to rest along side him once she dies. We discovered that there was, in fact, a family plot in Oakwood Cemetary, and buried in it was her sister Harriet Metz with her husband William R. McGraw.

Alice’s obituary says that the “funeral service will be conducted at the M. W. Bobo funeral chapel [and] internment will be in Oakwood Cemetary.” It’s possible that both Alice and Thomas could be buried in graves in Oakwood that have marred grave markers. It’s also possible that the Bobo Funeral Chapel will have records of where Alice was buried, which if we’re lucky, could also be where T. A. Williams is also.