Hitting the Wall!!!

Research has become tougher over the last few days.  I am stuck trying to find Mary Fishel on my mom’s side.  I have tried ancestry.com records.  In a few census records have a Mary Fishel living with Annie Loucks but there is a problem; her last name is spelled differently in each census!  One has it spelled Fishel and the other Fissel.  I am going to assume the Fishel is correct because it was on a earlier census with her husband as the head of the house, not Annie being the head.


This is the 1900 Census and spells her name Mary Fishel.


This is the 1930 Census and has Mary’s last name spelled Fissel.

This is where I am hitting my wall. I have tried to find Mary on findagrave.com, no luck.  I tried to find her obituary in the local paper using Google Play, no luck.  I tried to use familysearch.org and once again no luck.  I have a phone call into my grandma who is going to call the last living kid of Annie Loucks.  I also am going to email the Hess Family because we share Mary Fishel on our trees.  It would be great to get a hold of a birth certificate but I know they are hard to locate and I have no clue where to start.

For my dad’s side, I have found a family book for his mother but it is located in California.  Hopefully my Aunt Lisa will be able to send me the information as needed.  As for my father’s dad, I am starting to hit a wall.  I need to look more into Charles Flowers West and a phone call to my grandpa will help me with this search.

Next step is having my dad help me upload photos of his side for my tree.  It is going to be very tough finding photos for my mom’s side because she has none and my grandma’s house is a wreck!  Also I hope someone will have some advice to help me continue on my Mary Fishel search!