Late night reseach and deadends

Not sure if this is just me but day by day research has become slightly harder. New information especially today has been a sight for sore eyes. Without the additional international package with i’ve have hit walls on my paternal side with both grandparents and find myself looking at the same profiles multiple times for something that is not there. However, there are still many questions left unanswered on my maternal side.

As mentioned in my previous blog, my great grandmother ( still alive today ) was once imprisoned within a German concentration camp. Sadly enough, her memory has fated and I have not been able to obtain substantial information that would link me to any past ancestors. Some of the questions i would have liked to have answers are: 1) Where she was born 2) Her Maiden name 3) Her husbands name 4) If the name she has now was the same as then 4)  Which camp she was held in 5) The exact ship and dates she immigrated…. However, without no real leads to ask ( my  maternal grandmother passed away before anybody could find out) i’ve seemed to hit a brick wall here as well.  The only concrete fact i do have was her fathers name. Unfortunately, I’ve been able to find him but with  no connection to my grandmother just other children of his. There is a possibility that i might be able to find one of my great grandmothers siblings and write one of their great grand children in hopes for new leads thru

Anyway as the search continues and the tree expands so does my curiosity to learn more( thus the midnight posting) !

Alex Michaels

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