More discovery and my volunteer work

Hey everyone hope your week has been great. This is Anna Bentley again. I have traced my family back to the 1520’s from my dad’s dad. I am super pumped about that but I cannot take that any farther because I do not have the world one and the rest of his information is in London England which is very sad but oh well no big deal. I am still surprised that I actually got my family back that far. I am so thankful for census records.

Yesterday and today I went on adventures with my grandmothers. Yesterday’s adventure was going with my mom and her mother to my families graves and getting pictures of the family members that I could. It was cool seeing all of the names of the family members and listening to my grandmother tell me what she knew about each person at least at much as she could. It was awesome. Today was going with my mom and my dad’s mother to go to the family cemeteries, the Webber and the Bentley family, I got to see my grandfathers grave I have not gone to see that since i was 10 when he was buried. I also found out that I have a relative named Pocahontas and that her mother was native american which i had no idea.

While I was in the Haney Cemetery I took some pictures of graves so that i could document them on I hope to help family members that have loved ones buried there like i do. I had really forgotten what his headstone looked like and that my name,dad’s, aunts and my cousins names are on his headstone. My nana told me she did that so that so that people can locate their ancestors if they are ever trying to trace back their family tree like I am doing now.