My Researching Process

Researching my family history has been a challenge for me because unlike most people in the class most of the records I need are not online. However, I haven’t given up on finding the information I need. Instead of searching my family on I have contacted many of my family members to find out what they know.

I have contacted family members asking for pictures, birth certificates, death certificates and basically anything that they know can help. While this has been a lengthy process members of my family are willing to help. I believe that the greatest amount of help I will be receiving is from family members that are currently in India. I say this because they are able to go and research about my ancestors first hand and send me anything they are able to find out about my ancestors.

My research process involves me contacting many people and asking them for help. I have learned that the best way to find out about what I need is through listening to what others have to say and relating the stories to what I know. I hope to find out about who my great-great grandparents where and what they did for living. I would also love to find out if they ever had an encounter with the British soldiers when they were in India.