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Lately I have been kinda unimpressed with my family tree progress. Mostly, I am frustrated that I am unable to find any stories to attach to anyone. It seems like my entire family has lived in super small towns for…. forever. I can’t find any news archives that have a newspaper that would have printed anything about the areas my family has lived. I haven’t even found an actual obit. for anyone and I am out of places to look. I am so desperate that I am considering a trip to Phenix City, AL (the closest hometown of my family) one weekend. My grandma is the only person left there that could help me find info and I would feel bad making her drive around town by herself not knowing what she is doing.

However, I have enlisted a few of my more nearby relatives to help me do research. Yesterday, my uncle (Mom’s brother) located my great grandfather’s birth certificate, which is huge for me because I couldn’t find anything about his parents. He also sent me the documents my great aunt filled out to become members of the Daughter of the American Revolution! I had no idea we were members until yesterday. I am guessing this might make things interesting, now knowing that mother’s side has been here so long. My grandmother (Mom’s mom) also gave me a box of photos! I scanned, cropped, and put them in for what seemed like a couple hours yesterday. There would only a few I felt were good for profile pictures, a good majority I could not identify the people of the photo. But I really enjoyed finally putting faces to names!

Here’s to more findings!DARGeorgeCardenBirt

2 thoughts on “Photos to Names

  1. Zack Morrow

    My grandmother on my dad’s side is from Columbus, GA, right across the border from Phenix City, AL. Her father was actually from Phenix City itself. Small world!

    1. Maegan Higgins Post author

      That’s awesome! I know my grandfather and great grandfather worked in Columbus because it was a little bit bigger of a city.

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