Progress and Research

I am still making progress on my family tree, although as I am getting into my ancestor’s siblings and their families, it seems to be getting a little more difficult to keep track of everyone in these large families, especially when people change their names between censuses. While I don’t think I’ve really hit a wall yet, I often find myself sidetracked on one of my ancestor’s sibling’s families, trying to figure out when and where that person lived or if those people with unfamiliar names are related to a married daughter. I realize more now that people used to have enormous families that wouldn’t all survive childhood. For example, I found a record of one of my ancestors that stated that she had had fourteen children at that point, but only nine were still living. While that is still a lot of children remaining, that also means that she had to experience the deaths of five of her children.

Since I am still constructing my family tree and still a bit of a genealogical novice, I am primarily using’s many sources and records to build my tree, with some additional research from other places like or There is still a lot of information on that I haven’t added to all of my extended family members, so I’m trying to work through all of those valuable resources. However, my mom has collected some non-electronic resources from various members of my family that I should also be able to use soon so that I’m not relying exclusively on the Internet. I don’t know yet if I’ll be visiting any courts or cemeteries soon, since almost all of my ancestors I’ve found so far lived in Georgia, but it is likely that I will need to seek those places out eventually if I want to know more about certain ancestors.