Research Methods

As I had mentioned in class, I have kind of reached a wall with my research like some other people in class. Because of this, lately I have been focusing on scanning pictures and putting pictures into my tree. This is a much more tedious task than I thought, so it is actually quite time consuming. I figured I would just do this while I waited to hear back from some people.

We were asked about our research methods and mainly I have worked online. I have used websites like ancestry, ellisisland, familysearch, and findagrave. I actually haven’t been extremely successful with these websites when I’m researching the Farrisi side. However, with the other sides of my family tree these websites have been pretty useful. Aside from websites, I have focused a lot on talking to people in my family who have a lot of information. I have mentioned before that my grandmother Lorraine Smith (Austin) has been a big help, as she shares an interest in genealogy as well. She actually texted me today to let me know that she put a second package in the mail with more information for me. I haven’t received the first one yet, but I know there will be lots of useful papers and photos in there for me to use that will trace the Austin and Smith surnames of my mother’s side.

Since online information hasn’t been a huge help for my father’s side (Farrisi specifically) I have focused on contacting people. I am still waiting to hear back from Irene Farrisi (Pollard) and hopefully she will know a lot about her parents-in-law, which are my great grandparents. I also spoke with my half aunt about her father, which is my grandfather. She sent me a link to some old pictures of my grandfather that she had scanned and uploaded before. One picture was a graduation one and the caption she had said the high school and the year he graduated. So last night when I was adding those pictures to my family tree I thought maybe Google searching his high school could be useful. It ended up bringing me to his yearbook which had been scanned in online through! I never thought that that would be a resourceful place to find information but it was actually pretty neat. I had to sign up for the website but it was really worth it. I also found my grandfather’s brother in his yearbook. I found out that both of them went to Catholic High Schools in New York, New York. I would definitely recommend other people looking into this. If you can find their senior yearbooks especially! Those list a little bio thing about the person beneath their picture so I found out what my grandfather participated in in high school. Below is a screen shot of his yearbook picture and bio I found online! I also found my parents and their brothers and sisters in their yearbooks, it was pretty exciting (I planned on going to bed at 11 last night but ended up staying up two hours later because of this discovery).Image

As you can see in the picture, it tells you what clubs he was in and other things. I could then go to the particular club page and see what each one stood for. Below is the yearbook of my grandfather’s brother (Melville Farrisi). Image

I didn’t crop the photo completely so that I could see the year and high school name.

Kaitlin Farrisi