Susan Barbara Alice McGorty Williams

Zach and I went to the library today and found much of the same information that Eli and Sapana found, so I won’t repeat everything they said. The only addition I’d like to make is to say that the gravestone marked Susan Barbara Alice is actually our Mrs. Alice WIlliams! We confirmed this based on the birth and death records we have for her. She married James McGorty first, but he died in 1915. Sarah died in 1917. That means that Alice married Thomas sometime between 1917 and his death in 1921.

Unfortunately, as Sapana pointed out, the McGraw/McGorty plot in Oakwood is home to Alice, but not Thomas, since she is buried with her first husband (and with no mention of her being Mrs. Alice Williams at the time of her death!)

So, Thomas and Sarah are still MIA, but we now know who Alice is and a lot of her family members!