Finding My Family

Hey guys, it’s Mason. Researching my family tree has been a bunch of fun and made much easier by being able to use multiple sources. I am able to find family connects I never knew about and discover knew things about family members I knew little about before hand.

A majority of the information of simple family connections and the members themselves has come from family records. Some of these were very recently collected while others where beginning over 100 years ago. Much of the information I have on the “trunk” of the Gillespie family tree comes from my father’s cousin who began work on it after her father passed away, in memory of him. While the Gillespie tree is a recently collected group information, the Brandt family tree was begun in the early 1900’s soon after my 3rd great grandfather immigranted from Germany. The information has been kept by family members who were interested since then. They have made sure to keep all the records safe as well as adding any new info they find to the records and those new family members that are born to the tree itself.

I found a great deal of information and picture on the Black family tree from a member of that I came to learn was my great aunt and have since contacted for more in depth information about the people themselves who she knew personally, not just the information that was on records, but rather stories and information that she felt was important. This was a very interesting and different view of these people, changing them from a collection of records and dates to an actual person that I felt like I had met.

These collections of information are so amazing to see and though the records on are extremely helpful it is always amazing to see records formed and kept by the family itself.