Mystery Relative

I finally started looking into my maternal grandmother’s side of the family, and have actually been able to trace that side back farther than the rest, because that’s the only part of my family that has been in America since before the Ellis Island times.

However, there is one sibling of my great-great-grandmother’s that is mysterious. He is named Lamar, and it is as though there is not information on him. There’s a rough birth date, but no death date or anything further. Some of the later census records also do not include him, so I wonder if he died young, or possibly in a war.

So now, I may need to contact people on that side of my family to see if any records/information trickled down to them.

Usually, for my research, I use Google, Ancestry, and information from some distant relatives on my father’s side. One of his cousins has been into genealogy, and she’s provided some very useful information.