Resources I have found helpful has been my main go to for documents to cite family information but I have also found Google incredibly helpful. I used Google as a tool to research things I did not know from the documents I found or to actually further my search. For example, I found out from a passenger list that Salomon Klaus came over from Germany but after I searched Google I found websites linking me to a page that told me he came on the Donau with his 15 year old brother, Isaac Klaus. On a different link offered through Google, I found that the Donau actually sunk in 1941! I have found Google imperative for ancestry research to enable the search for broad topics such as events during a particular year, a name of an unfamiliar town and other findings I wanted to learn more about.

I also have been using Find a Grave much more than I thought I would. I was actually surprised by how many of my relatives I could find on there and how much information there was. The graves could tell you a birthdate and a death date and place, and if you’re lucky, they could be buried with a spouse or children or at least be linked online.