Research Methods/Troubles

I have been doing the majority of my research on and gives helpful hints most of the time, but allows you to look up so many records concerning births, marriages, deaths and censuses with more specificity. I didn’t even know some of the first names on my tree and I was able to find my ancestors full names (maiden names included). I have not spent that much time on other than researching on the Williams family, and I think that will be my next biggest resource. I also recently visited the Spartanburg County Library and attempted to look up census records for my 4th great- and 5th great-grandfathers, Hiram McDevitt (Jr/Sr), because I knew they were both born in Spartanburg County. Surprisingly, I couldn’t either one of them. The librarian told me that up to the mid-to-late 1800’s, only the head of the household’s name was recorded in the census, so I most-likely couldn’t find Hiram McDevitt Jr. However I thought I might be able to find Hiram McDevitt Sr in the 1920/1930 censuses. Still no luck. Spartanburg County may have spanned across a larger area of land in the early 1800’s and that was the nearest county from where my ancestors lived. Or, in 1820 Hiram Sr. was not the head of a household (est birth 1799) and in 1930 he may have already moved to North Carolina, where he is buried.

Daniel Camacho