Connecting to the Past

From my last blog post up until now, my family tree has continued to grow. At first I was skeptical about really getting into this genealogy, but now I find myself adding a couple of people of sources  while just messing around on my computer. Now its not just homework, but it is turning into almost a hobby.

I just got off the phone with my dad and he gave me some new information.  Although I had their names, he gave me some info that was important to the history of the upstate of South Carolina. My great great great grandfather started the Due West Women’s College, which eventually was a starting point for Erskine College. He started this school, so his daughter would have a chance at having an equal education at the time. His son, so my great great grandfather owned a railroad company that went through Due West, South Carolina and it’s nickname was the “Dinky.”

I am enjoying learning more about where I came from, and what my ancestors did. In the next couple days, I hope to learn a lot more about the people I know on the tree, as well as learning about new people.

One thought on “Connecting to the Past

  1. Boyce M. Lawton, III

    There should be MUCH information on the formation of Erskine. I recently met their new president while I was at a conference in Dallas. This is a great chance for you to utilize a college archive!

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