Discoveries and Opportunities

Hey all, it’s Audrey. One of the most interesting aspects of this course is using 23andMe to interpret our DNA and find out a huge array of our geographical background and our genetic makeup. Unfortunately I have yet to receive my results…but I’m intrigued just through looking at all the information everyone else has! I’ve taken genetics but I’m ever amazed by the amount of information the little molecule holds and how we’re able to use modern technology to read it.

One really great thing about this course is that it gets me to talk to family members I normally wouldn’t make the time to talk to. I’m not the best at initiating conversation as it is, and it feels even more intimidating with long-distance relatives you don’t get to see very often. However it’s much easier than what I was expecting, and everyone is extremely enthusiastic about the course. I didn’t expect anyone to have more than a mild interest in finding family history information. My maternal and paternal grandparents are all very excited about the family tree, and they’re talking to all of their cousins and other relatives to try to put together as much information as they can to send to me. This has been a great opportunity for us to stay in contact, especially since we’re so far away from each other.

Unfortunately I don’t know if my parents will want to keep the account for too long once Interim is done, which is a shame because it’s such an amazing resource! I hope that my mom will become addicted once I show her how it works, but if not the information will be there and I’ll still be able to keep in contact with my relatives.