I think I found her!

Hey guys, this is Erin. So, I’ve been searching for a week, fruitlessly it seems, to find my great-grandmother Minnie Kennedy’s immigration records. I searched on ellisisland.org, on familysearch.org, on ancestry.com, and in the National Archives for her records. There were a bunch of Mary/Minnie Kennedy’s that emigrated from Ireland in the time frame in which I was searching (1900-1902). I don’t have a ton of information on Mary, only a paragraph written in a genealogy book someone else in the family had compiled. It had her birthplace as  Tullaroan, Kilkenny, Ireland. I don’t know where that fact came from, but for some reason I just believed it. 

Like I said, I searched all the databases for a Mary Kennedy in her early 20s, from Kilkenny. Unfortunately, nothing really came up. Then I realized, Duh! I know that this family book has a lot of mistakes in it; heck, the page on my parents has mistakes! Why am I focusing so much on this specific hometown? After that minor epiphany, I was able to open up my search a little more and I have found a likely candidate! I found Mary Kennedy, age 22 from Cappamore, Ireland. She immigrated through Ellis Island and her final destination was Albany, New York! I’m pretty sure my Mary started out in Albany, but not 100% sure. However, the ship’s manifest says Mary was going to stay with her cousin in New York. I think my next step is to find out more about this cousin and see if I’m related to her and also find out more about her home town of Cappamore and see if I have any ancestors I can connect to there.

Okay, so I don’t definitely know it’s her. But I have a hunch it is. I’m going to keep working, but it was a huge relief to find something on Mary.