Interesting discoveries

Researching my family tree has become really interesting.  I found where my parents share a common ancestor. My great ancestor that was beheaded in germany his grandsons from his son casper are my parents decedents. I have yet to find how distant cousins my parents are but we do know where there common person is.

While doing research about Wolfrom Von Webber I found this man on that had a lot of information about him. I contacted him and he told me that I could use anything on his own personal tree that I needed. I found another relative from my dads side. He is related to the son moses that my dad is my mom is related to his brother Joseph. He told me since i was family i was allowed to use the tree even though he was joking i find it funny. We have exchanged several messages and he has opened up a lot of “brick walls” I have now gotten my dads side of the family back to the 1200’s and come to find out i think i am related to King Edward the III and Richard the Lion hearted which is awesome that my ancestors were basically in the Crusades for my religion who knew?

I am looking forward to continuing more research into my family and hopefully finding more interesting information and maybe secrets that were not know but i doubt it but one can hope cant I?

Well thats all for now.

Anna B.