Making new discoveries

Throughout, the process of expanding and adding people to my family tree I found that contacting people through 23andme has been very helpful me. I am able to ask my cousins for information that they might know and I don’t and I am also able to help them. I have also been very fascinated with my 23andme results. While my ancestry composition isn’t that interesting I am really interested in my health results. I think I want my sisters and parents to also take the DNA test.

On to my ancestry tree I have made very interesting discoveries about my ancestors and their way of life compared to mine. I learned about their childhood and how different it was from mine. I also learned of the circumstances under which my great grandparents on both my mother and father’s side where married. I find the lives that my ancestors lived to be very interesting because from that I am able to learn so much and put myself in there place. For me just learning the names of my ancestors isn’t enough. I want to learn more about them and their way of life because for me that is what makes it real.

I truly believe that I will continue my ancestry tree and family research even after the class ends because to me it is very interesting. I would also like to take the ancestry DNA just to see how it compares to 23andme and whether or not it helps me more with my family research. I would also like to take a trip to India in the near future to see where my ancestors lived and gather more information when I am there.

One thought on “Making new discoveries

  1. Boyce M. Lawton, III

    I’m so glad to read this. I was worried that you would hit one dead end after another and be frustrated with the course. I’m happy to hear that is helping – and that you want others in your family to take the 23andme test. I’ve had my mother take the tests at both companies. I’m very happy to have both sets of information. 23andme is much more helpful with “details” about your DNA, but ancestry’s ability to match you with other people and then draw a link between your trees is just as valuable.

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