Research Struggles

I had always anticipated that I might run into some difficulties when researching my family history, as my ancestors are mostly from Italy, Poland, and Russia (no English speaking nations) and fairly recent arrivals in the States, around Ellis Island times. My mom’s maternal side of her family traces back to the 1700s here in America I’ve learned recently (or think I’ve learned, anyway), but that’s the only portion I can find back that far.

It’s kind of a dilemma for me. I know I can find more on that part of my heritage, but on the other hand, that’s admittedly the portion I am least interested in. Europe and Europeans have always been of more interest to me than, say, American history, so I wish I could actually learn more about my Eastern and Southern European roots. Probably a good time to mention that I like to focus on European history while working for my history major, huh?

Photos are something that also will be a bit problematic, since I don’t think there are many old photos on either side of my family. But the search will continue, hopefully with some more leads on my Russian, Italian, and Polish ancestors.