The Struggle is Real

I will begin this post with a confession that I took a break from my family research over the weekend. I did, however, take time Saturday to take pictures in Magnolia and post them to findagrave. With over 100 hints to go through, I was feeling a bit overwhelmed and decided to take a break. But I am back in full swing now and more frustrated than ever! Don’t get me wrong, I love those little moments of victory after finding a document on that one ancestor you figured must have been a fugitive of the law based on how poorly documented their life was. I feel that I am past the point of sifting through census records and death records for most of my family through my great great grandparents and I really want the dirt now! I want newspaper articles and military documents (can someone tell me why it is so hard to find Cherokee papers)!

Lately, I have been really curious about my great great grandmother on my father’s side, Lula Belle Cordrey, who was supposedly the first Cherokee native in my family. My aunt was able to give me birth and death dates and I have even found her grave in Oklahoma on findagrave, but I really want to find Cherokee Nation documentation on her. I have found public records digitally posted by the Nation itself, but they are not searchable so I would have to know exactly what page of what roll in order to find her. My aunt even sent me a picture of Jesse Heard, her husband. In my opinion, he looks like he could be of native descent as well, but maybe I am looking with biased eyes. I have emailed my aunt to ask for ANY other info about Lula she can provide but I haven’t heard (pun intended) back yet. Am I missing any archives that could help with this search?LulaBelleGraveJesseHeard