Back to Germany… again

I spent this week tracing my family history back on my mom side, specifically my mom’s-mom’s side (Stabler).  After going through a book on their ancestry that was given to me by my grandma, I found that pretty much the entire Stabler side was from small town, Sandy Run, South Carolina.  I also once again found that these roots trace back to Germany.  My first relative on the Stabler side arrived in America in the early 1700s My oldest relative that I could trace on this side so far arrived in America in the early 1700s.  In addition, I found that my grandfather in the mid-late 1600s lived in Frudenslein, Germany.  This will now be the third branch of my family tree that I have found with roots in Germany, and judging by the other last names that I have not done research on, I am expecting to find a lot more relatives with roots in Germany.  This week I also talked to my great uncle Randolph, who went on a month long excursion through Germany, and even stayed with our relatives in Germany.  He has our whole family tree traced out through Germany and he wants to meet with me next week to trace my roots through Germany. I’m pretty excited about this to say the least.  Unfortunately I still do not have pictures or documents to upload, but I will have plenty after Saturday since I am taking a trip down to visit my grandma in Newberry.

Also, in class today I found out that Elijah and I share similar family names throughout Newberry county, so I am interested to see if I can find a connection between us this weekend while I am in Newberry.

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  1. Boyce M. Lawton, III

    When I was in high school, I used to drive through Sandy Run once a week on my way to music lessons at USC. My childhood home was about 30 minutes down the highway on Old State Road (HWY 176).

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