Interesting Findings and Outside Help

Once when I was looking through census records for my family, I found that one of my ancestors, although black, had a servant. I found that pretty interesting, because if they had a servant then that means that they were free at that time.

So far, I still haven’t found out anything about paternal grandfather’s side of the family, I still need to talk to him about that, however, I don’t think he knows very much about it either. On my paternal grandmother’s side, I’m still stuck at my 5th great grandfather, who was had to be born some time between 1790 and 1800. I haven’t been able to find anything on him or his wife at the time, Maryan Floyd. Surprisingly, I found out that he had a prior wife before Maryan named Lucinda and he had a child named Levi with her. For this side of the family, I’ve been getting some help from my Grandmother’s brother’s daughter Carolyn. She’s been a lot of help to me. Also, today someone who I’m connected to on my paternal grandmother’s side, who has to be a descendant of Amanda Free (my great grandmother), wrote me on ancestry and asked to compare some of our information, so that could be another informant.

On my mother’s side, I don’t really know anything about her father or his family, but on her mother’s side, I’m stuck with my 3rd great grandfather, who I have two possible leads on who his parents are, and am having trouble identifying his wife and mother of my great great grandmother Lizzie Mae. Her obituary says that her parents’ names were Ben and Margaret Chapman, however, census records only show her living with a Ben and Julia Chapman. So, I’m not really sure whether there was an infidelity, or Julia went by Margaret, or if Ben was married twice. For this side of the family I’m getting help from my Great Aunt’s daughter Victoria. Hopefully she’ll be able to help me clear things up.

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