Names on a Screen

This week we have done a lot with the information we got from the dna test. Over Christmas vacation my family was so interested in the results I got back from the dna test. Many were just amazed that the test could tell so many different things and all I had to do was spit into a tube. The health report was a big deal as well because of the results I got back. In my maternal grandmother’s family Alzheimer’s has always been a big issue for the women in her family; her mother died from it and a few of her mother’s sisters, and her grandmother died from it. So it was interesting to see that not only do I not have an increased risk for the disease, but I also have a decreased risk for it. It was really cool to be able to see that just by having a sample of my DNA they can tell what color eye I have, what type of hair I have, and even what type of earwax I have. I have also been able to connect different problems that my great-grandmother had, like scoliosis, and see that I have an increased risk for the same disease. When I am able to link these things together it helps me feel closer to the names on the screen and better understand what they might have been like.

Today, I was able to find one of my great-great grandmother’s last names so now I can try and trace her and her family in Ireland. It is still pretty hard trying to find more people in different countries but I am having a little bit of luck here and there so hopefully it will turn into something more. For now I am trying to go back through my tree and fill in with more records and documents that tell me more about each one of my relatives. Hopefully I’ll be able to find all the information I want.