Outside Help

I was fortunate enough for my parents and grandparents to get in on the research this week. My grandparents on my mom’s side of the family have family trees of their own and of many of their relatives, and they were gracious enough to copy them down (either photo-copy or by hand for some) and give them to me. I now have the names of most of my 5th great grandparents and a paternal line dating back to Hugh Capet, considered the first “King of the Franks”. I have also found that I am related to John de Lacie and Roger de Clare, two of the signers of the Magna Carta in 1215.  Finding out or speculating something like that through the internet wouldn’t mean as much as actually knowing that your ancestors have kept family trees from long before they were born and passed them down to you. I hope to soon have success with the temporarily shrouded part of my family tree soon.

I would love some advice on how some people have researched beyond just dates and places, i.e. deeds to land, photos etc.

Snapshot_20130116   A photo-copy of my grandfather’s family tree, back to my 4th great grandparents.

   Hugh Capet, King of the Franks