Personal Mystery Solved! (well partially)

All of my previous posts have been about the search for Mary E. Fishel.  That search potentially could be OVER!!  I have tried countless times on all of our resources to find this women and nothing has become of it.  I said in a previous post that Mary E. Fishel had a child to a first boyfriend/husband named Harry Becker.  The census records have Harry as a Loucks instead of a Becker, and I have not found a marriage record between Mary E. and a Becker.  Maybe my grandma lied to me?  I then knew from my grandma that Mary E. had a daughter with John Loucks named, Annie Loucks.  My grandma said from the beginning that Mary E. was buried in Trinity Roths United Church of Christ in Spring Grove, PA (outside York, PA)  I searched that whole graveyard with my mom and dad, which lead to disappointment from no discovery of Mary E. Fishel.  I tried with no luck.  Then I had the idea to try her first husband’s name instead of Fishel.  I typed in Mary E. Loucks into, and sure enough she popped up!  The tombstone gave her exact birthday and her age at the time.   The stone doesn’t give me how many days she was born, so I do not have an exact birth date but now I am in the ball park.


I thought this discovery would lead me to great hints on but I was let down.  I was able to find Mary E.’s mother and father.  More information popped up on her father but not her mother.  You might ask why this is a disappoint to me?  It’s a disappointment because all the names I have discovered have been German! Loucks, Fishel, King, Baker, and Konig all are German names.  I was hoping this search would bring about an Eastern European or Russian last name.  This find resorts me back to my mom’s original theory; “Someone must have been fooling around with one of the York Fair, circus members (who mostly were from Eastern Europe or Russia) and never told anyone because the time when she was alive it was unheard for a women to do those things.”  I guess I may never find documents describing why I had a Mongolian birth mark and tan skin.  Hopefully my 23andme report will provide me the insight I have been looking for!

Next up for my tree discovery is to look more deeply into my father’s side.  I know West is from England and it would be great to find the exact town!