Problem Solved, But….

Hey guys its Garrett. So I found the problem with my Great (5 greats) grandparents, remember when I said My Great (5 greats) grandfather died when my grandmother was born, and was supposedly married…? Well the problem was that they were not my grandparents haha. On my mothers side, everyones last name is “Garrett”. What I did know, was that we were always in the South. The false grandparents were from Virginia *shakes head*. 

But on a negative note, I can’t find ANYONE past my grandfather on my maternal side. The strange thing is, he was a County Councilman and was very known. He even has a school named after him and no information can be found. I can’t quite figure out the reason for me not finding information on him. Everyday after class I’ve been calling relatives who are very old and cant remember information after 1 pm. So after class I rush to call them to gain more information. I am having a very difficult time but hopefully *crosses fingers*, HOPEFULLY I know more very soon.