Updated Resources

I am continuing to work regularly on my tree, although it does feel like I’m progressing very slowly. This may be because I tend to go through my ancestors’ families very methodically, trying to make sure all of the facts line up before I add a bunch of new people to my tree. Sometimes I feel like I need to move at a much quicker pace, but then I’m afraid I would end up attaching myself and my family to people who aren’t actually related to me at all. However, I should be almost finished with the purely online portion of my research, and I then plan to use the wealth of non-digital information that my mom provided me with a few days ago. In addition to the books and papers I received, I also have many pictures of or related to various ancestors now. My tree’s distinct lack of images should change soon as I begin to work through the many family photos I now have access to. I think that will not only make my tree look better, but also make it easier to remember certain people within the tree. Having some sort of visual link tends to be more useful to me than just having a big list of names.

I still can’t really say that I’ve found anything that would be particularly interesting to others, although finding out various details about different ancestors is certainly interesting to me. One thing that I am continuing to notice is that ancestors on almost every one of my branches had a much higher number of children than people tend to have these days. I feel like most families tend to have about 1-4 children now, but when my relatively close ancestors were living not too long ago it seems like it was closer to 5-10 children. I think this is probably because most of these ancestors were farmers, but I wonder if there may also be a connection to the different time periods.